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Tensegrity - a new dimesion


Jumar Trophy (c)outdoorconcept

inventor of the tensegrity pole

No matter if you believe it or not - it's stabil


(c) all pics Walter Siebert

Airborne poles, balance on the top. It's possible due to the Tensegrity Pole.

With this challenging educational ropes course element outdoorconcept once again approves its leadership in developing and implementation of innovations in the ropes course industry.

The principle of Tensegrity was developed for architecture ans has been used for many decatdes for low weight constructions.

For ropes courses it provides challenging climbing over ladders, through nets and on poles up to 10 meters of height.

The Tensegrity Pole is the landmark, but not the only innovation in the new educational ropes course in Idstein, nearby Frankfurt, Germany.

In addition the site offers a brand new multielement and a triple zipline.

outdoorconcept will provide new challenging elements for your ropescourse or will errect a Tensegrity Pole on your site.

The Tensegrity Pole meets the demands of EN15567.

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